Ten Beautiful Non Scale Victories You Will Love

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Oh, the scale... I have a long and torturous history with this invention. I've always had one in my house. When I would diet the suspense of potential weight loss would kill me and every morning like it was Christmas I would hop out of bed and check my weight. I would put all of my hopes and dreams into that scale and if it didn't show me what I thought was success or achievement, I would be utterly devistated. Since joining the keto community I have learned about something that I wish I would have put more of my energy into ages ago: Non-scale victories, or 'NSV' for short. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite non-scale victories and why I love them!

You v. The Scale 

I want to start off by saying that being curious about weightloss is normal, especially those of us that are watching the pounds slip away our first few weeks of our ketogenic way of eating. I'd like to share what I have heard over and over from keto new comers: 

"I lost 6lbs the first week of keto and now NOTHING. I have been weighing myself every day but I'm not seeing anything change!" 

The individual then goes on to talk about how upset and discouraged they are, along with feelings of self doubt... Down, down, down, the further we go into the land of all things negative. What we see on the scale is then determining our success, worth, next meal, and if this new way of eating is even worth it. STOP! Back away from the downard spiral! Let's talk about what value the scale is really providing you and how you can be so much better to yourself when you look for other indicators that celebrate your achievements. 


Focusing on what the scale doesn't tell you

Before I started keto, I had been struggling with inflammation for years. I was also miserable due to GI issues which were a daily occurance. I was tired all the time and my mood was a rollercoaster depending on what I ate. I was not thriving on my way of eating, and after working my way through a few elimination diets, a keto was the missing piece to my quality-of-life puzzle! 

My first week I lost 6-7lbs (water weight) and I stepped on the scale day after day after day, watching the scale go down a half pound, then up a pound, then down a pound, then down another half pound, then up a pound.... What the actual HECK?! I was so angry! This went on for weeks and I felt like I was going crazy. I wanted the scale to just be straight forward and consistent. To me this meant that I just wanted to see the pounds drop off, not appear to hop back on. 


Breaking up with the scale

I wish I would have embraced non scale victories from the beginning. However my long history with the number that represented my weight (and lets face it, my self worth) was so connected with the number on the scale I was immediately jolted with pride when I watched it decrease. 

So what is a non scale victory?

A non scale victory in many communites is something that you have accomplished from your way of eating that has nothing to do with that number on the scale. Here are some of my favorite victories!

  1. Better sleep
  2. Easier waking up
  3. Clear skin
  4. Increased energy
  5. Improved mood
  6. Reduced inflammation
  7. Hunger cues stablized
  8. Improved blood work numbers
  9. Clothes fit differently
  10. Others are commenting on your changes! 

What are some of your favorite non scale victories?

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