Vegan Keto Snacks To Grab When You Are In A Rush!

Keeping it vegan keto on the go can be tough when trying to juggle family, work, errands, or a last minute, inspired trip to the gym. Sometimes the easiest thing you can to is have some travel friendly, easily accessible treats that can make life so much easier when that hunger hits and you need some nourishment. I have a few vegan keto snacks that have been a lifesaver when I was away from home and needed something to eat ASAP! Here are my favorite vegan keto snacks you can grab when you are in a rush!

1. Brami Snacking Lupini Beans

Where have these been all my life? Not only so these beans come in a variety different flavors, BUT! They are pickled AND! They come in easily sealed pouches that are great for traveling. One serving has 7g of protein and 7g of fiber to keep you full and satisfied! When you aren't on the go and have some time around the house, check out my post on the Lupini Bean Falafels I made!

vegan keto snacks brami lupini beans

2. Louisville Vegan Jerky

You have your choice of 5 flavors and no matter what you choose, you are walking around with 21g protein per serving. TWENTY ONE. These are a total score if you find yourself far from the comforts of your kitchen and need something quick! Keep them in your glove box, desk at work, or gym bag. 

3. Pegan Thin Bars

Last summer my family helped moved my grandma out of the house she lived in for 40+ years and into a vibrant and lively retirement community. After a few hours of loading up the moving truck and running through the house it was finally time to meet the moving party at Grandma's new place and start setting settled. Suddenly I realized I was SO HUNGRY and didn't have time to stop at home. I panicked for a moment until I remembered: I always kept a Pegan Thin Bar in my purse. I love the Chocolate Lava flavor and it saved this grandma's girl butt that day!

4. Mediterranean Organic - Kalamata Pitted Olives

My sweetheart and I took a day trip up to the Washington Park Arboretum last spring and I needed to think quick about what I should bring in the event we needed a snack and didn't want to break our sightseeing up with a munchie run. 

vegan keto snacks

5. Macadamia Nuts

You can find macadamia nuts at any gas station, any grocery store, and are loaded with yummy fats that are great on the go! You can see in the picture above, my everyday vegan keto carry (that EDC reference is for my sweetheart) that day in Seattle also included some toasted macadamia nuts that I threw in a little snack bag. You can prep some at home, or hit up a store on your trip out in the world!

This is but a few of so many vegan keto snacks out there! All of these snacks (except the Brami lupini beans) can be stored in a gym bag, car, purse, satchel, or your desk at the office. Everyday I see so many in the vegan community sharing their finds. The more we share, the more we can keep it keto anywhere we might be! 

What are your favorite vegan keto snacks on the go? Comment below!

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